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November 15th, 2010 · No Comments · PEOPLE

Reverend Zenovie Livovschi’s Family at Tulcea, 1884
30-years old Reverend Reverend Zenovie was the orthodox parish priest

St Nicholas cathedral Tulcea where Rev Zenovie Livovschi was Dean from 1880 to 1916

to become Dean of St Nicholas Cathedral in Tulcea. For the young Romanian priest this was a God-sent promotion as his post was granted by the diploma signed by Joseph, Archbishop of the Lower Danube at Galatz:

“Prin mila lui Dumnedeu, prea-Smeritul Iosif, Arhiepiscopul Dunarei de Jos”

His task was to consolidate the Romanian Orthodox church in the new province as the old-established Greek and Bulgarian Orthodox hierarchs were vying with each other to preserve their influence and status in the province.

Spiru Haret College Tulcea where Rev Z. Livovschi held the Chair of Religious Education (1880-1928)

Young Reverend Zenovie was also to be nominated to the chair of religious education at Tulcea Spiru Haret College which he served for the next four decades. His endeavors did not pass unnoticed as he was nominated to serve also on the Bishopric’s Disciplinary Tribunal and was soon to be promoted to the grade of “Econom-Stavrophor” curate-in-charge.

FAMILY BEGINNINGS: “Reverend Zenovie’s direct ancestors were all Romanian Orthodox priests going back to Reverend Ioan of Sudarca, County Soroca (Popa din Sudarca) who built the wooden church of Archangel Michael in 1793: this church is preserved to this day as a national monument in the Open-air Museum in Chisinau.

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WWII Fighter Pilot Aurelian Livovschi (1902 – 1941), Posthumous Gold Cross War Medal, ‘Virtutea Aeronautica de Razboi’

February 2nd, 2010 · No Comments · PEOPLE

Sixty years after the end of WWII the memory of Romanian airmen who fought to preserve the territorial integrity of their country is yet to be honoured in a manner which is done by all civilized European nations.

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Pilot Erou Aurelian Livovschi (1902 – 1941), Crucea de Aur, Virtutea Aeronautica de Razboi

January 28th, 2010 · No Comments · PEOPLE

Pilot Aurelian Livovschi (1902-1941) was honoured posthumously by HM King Michael I of Romania with the Gold cross of the Order “Virtutea Aeronautica de Razboi” for completing in difficult circumstances 31 missions over enemy territory between July 1940 and September 1941, as a member of the Romanian Royal Airforce, elite 5th Group, Squadron 78 (Heinkel III nr 18).

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