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Poetry in translation (CCCXXII): Ion MINULESCU (1881– 1944), (ROMANIA) – “Rugă pentru Duminica Floriilor”, “Palm Sunday Prayer”

February 14th, 2015 · No Comments · Books, Famous People, PEOPLE, Poetry, quotations, Translations

A glittering pearl necklace, made of sunflower seeds,
A double-winged Pegasus out of a humble bee …
Forgive me, though, dear Father, of this – mine foolish jest,
To have imagined Thee –
As I thought might be best…
But the World was too pallid, than I thought it might be.
My Lord, sprinkle my eyebrows, with drops of holly sea.
Chastise my sinful body,
Behold my tongue of python,
Remove the foolish demon, that pronounced the unheard.
Do give zest to my body, depicted in Your icon…
To forget I was ever beholden by Thy word!

Rendered in English from the original Romanian verse: by Constantin ROMAN, London
© 2015 Copyright Constantin ROMAN, London

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Poetry in Translation, (CCXCIII), Mihai CODREANU (1875, Iaşi -1957, Iaşi), ROMANIA: “Corbii”, “The Ravens”

September 2nd, 2014 · No Comments · PEOPLE, Poetry, quotations, Translations

The sky is darkened and the stars are blinded
As whirlwinds cause my body to be blighted…
With greater force I’m carried by the storm…

As ravens guessing that I am forlorn,
They dart straight to my heart, which is half-dead,
To quench their beastly thirst, of dragon’s head.

Rendered in English by Constantin ROMAN,
© 2014 Copyright Constantin ROMAN, London
Nu văd în zări nici urma unei stele;
Doar viscolul din gândurile mele
Tot mai pornit prin gerul lui mă poartă…

… Iar corbii, presimţindu-şi trista pradă,
Spre inima-mi pe jumătate moartă
Îşi năpustesc sălbatica grămadă…

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