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King Carol II’s remains are returned to Romania

February 19th, 2003 · Comments Off on King Carol II’s remains are returned to Romania · Diary, Diaspora, PEOPLE

Carol II ruled Romania for ten years between 1930 and 1940, having previously renounced the throne for Madam Lupescu. He eventually changed his mind and made a dramatic return to become king, a period of history fraught with difficulties, as three of the country’s ministers were assassinated. Carol knew that he was himself a target of the Iron Guard, supported by Hitler.

But is spite of all the turmoil, Romanians will associate Carol’s reign with a period of economic achievement and strides towards modernity. There is much to be said for what Carol had done to strengthen the new structure of Romania’s Institutions as he did to encourage industry, education and the arts. This he succeeded against all odds as he had to fight on the diplomatic front against Stalin and Hitler alike and at home against the fascist Iron Guard. Even after his abdication , in 1940, Carol was a virtual prisoner in Franco’s Spain, before he managed to steal across the border illegally and settle in Portugal, where he eventually died to be buried in the chapel of his Braganza ancestors, in the ancient monastery of Sao Vicente da Fora.

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