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Poetry in Translation (CCXXV): ANONYMOUS British Poet, “If only … ”, “De aş fi doar…”

November 18th, 2013 · No Comments · Diaspora, International Media, PEOPLE, Poetry, quotations, Translations

If only …
(British Anonymous)

If only I were a mint leaf,
in your cocktail glass,
I would add freshness
to your eyes…

If only I were a glazed cherry,
adding a touch of colour,
I would bring a sweet-bitter taste
to your palate …

If I were a bitter lemon
in your signature cocktail,
I would add a touch of reality
to our stormy Love …

If I were an ice cube,
cajoled in your shaker,
I would extinguish the fire
of your burning desire …

If only …

(Collected by Constantin ROMAN, London,
© 2013, Copyright Constantin ROMAN)

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