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Entries from October 31st, 2016

Constantin ROMAN – Love at the time of the Swine Flue (Part 2 of 2)

October 31st, 2016 · No Comments · Books, Famous People, International Media, PEOPLE, Short Stories & Cameos

Dreams of the Vicar’s wife’s oven lit my face, as I warmed up to the offer, thinking at the advice given by the village quack, only the day before: “Make love more often, my dear Sir!”

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Romanian Dictionary of Quotations, Selected & Translated by Constantin ROMAN: Letter ‘I’

October 29th, 2016 · No Comments · Books, Diaspora, Famous People, OPINION, PEOPLE, quotations, Translations

“Imagination is the highest kite that one can fly.”
(Lauren Bacall, By Myself, Jonathan Cape, London, 1979)
Indifference: “Let man lose his faculty of indifference: he will become a virtual assassin. Let him now make God out of a transformed idea – the consequences are incalculable. ” (Emil Cioran (1911-1995), philosopher, writer) (“Précis de decomposition”)

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POETRY IN TRANSLATION (403). Hector MCDONNELL (b. 1947), Co. ANTRIM, IRELAND: “ Patrick”

October 19th, 2016 · No Comments · Books, Famous People, History, PEOPLE, Poetry, quotations, Translations

L-ai strigat pe Dumnezeu,
Ce-a coborât adânc, în trupul tău,
Să-ti dea curaj să-nvingi la drumuri noi.

Care-a fost împăratul
Ce te-a-njosit? Unde-ai plecat?
Te căutăm, dar încă nu te ştim…
Străjerii tăi se uită-n vârf de munţi şi-aşteaptă
Pasul tău.

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Synopsis of “The Blouse Roumaine – An Anthology of Romanian Women” Selected and introduced by Constantin Roman

October 2nd, 2016 · No Comments · Books, Communist Prisons, Diaspora, Education, Famous People, History, International Media, OPINION, PEOPLE, Poetry, POLITICAL DETENTION / DISSENT, quotations, Reviews, Science, Translations

These sketches are displayed like a series of miniatures in a virtual National Portrait Gallery: they are all glittering stars from Western galaxies and Eastern nebulae, in all 160 of them…

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